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Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University

CERT Instructor

What services can SEI-Authorized CERT Instructors offer?

As an SEI-Authorized CERT Instructor, you can deliver the following core training classes:

Sponsored individuals must participate in instructor training sessions for each course they will teach. For more information, contact

What is the difference between an SEI Authorization and an SEI Certification?  

Certain SEI credentialing programs award an “authorization” to utilize the SEI’s intellectual property (courses, assessments, etc.) to provide a service to internal or external customers. SEI Authorizations have specifically tailored entry and on-going qualification requirements that contain certain–but not all–elements of an SEI Certification. SEI-Authorized individuals require SEI Partner sponsorship to participate in the program. Applicants will need to complete initial training to qualify and ongoing education to continue to practice.