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What is an SEI-Certified CERT-RMM Lead Appraiser?

The CERT Resilience Management Model (CERT-RMM) is a maturity model for managing operational resilience that focuses on assets such as systems and software in the operation, maintenance, and disposition phases of their lifecycle.  It uses the foundational architecture of CMMI models to create a process improvement approach to sustaining critical operation of these assets under stressful conditions.  By improving operational resilience processes, organizations gain more predictability and justified confidence about how they will perform in times of stress.

CERT-RMM contains 26 process areas - some of which come directly from CMMI models - arranged in a continuous representation.  By using the generic goals and practices contained in CMMI, CERT-RMM defines capability levels consistent with CMMI models.  Thus, an organization using CMMI can easily extend process improvement domain knowledge into the operations phase of the system and software asset lifecycle.

The CERT-RMM Capability Appraisal is an objective benchmark of an organization that identifies achievements and gaps in an organization's Capability Appraisal can inform an organization on weaknesses and gaps in its operational resilience management program and serve as a foundation for improvement. Only SEI-Certified CERT-RMM Lead Appraisers may conduct official appraisals for an organization.

CERT-RMM Lead Appraiser Development Program

The CERT-RMM Development Program trains and qualifies professionals to become CERT-RMM Lead Appraisers who are experts in using the model to benchmark performance.  The CERT-RMM Professional Development Program is designed to

  • Provide career advancement opportunities for  individuals who have the requisite background knowledge and skills
  • Improve understanding of resilience standards for organizations
  • Develop skills to lead appraisal and improvement efforts in an organization or business unit
  • Provide for skill improvement through continuing education and renewal activities
  • Provide access to a community of practitioners engaged in similar quality assurance activities

CERT-RMM Lead Appraiser Duties and Responsibilities

SEI-Certified CERT-RMM Lead Appraisers evaluate an organization based on the content and guidance from the CERT-RMM process areas using a standards-based method designed specifically to address the unique challenges of appraising operational resilience management capabilities.  The CERT-RMM Lead Appraiser is responsible to plan and manage the performance of the entire appraisal effort, delegate appraisal tasks to team members, and ensure adherence to CERT-RMM Capability Appraisal Method requirements. Becoming an SEI-Certified CERT-RMM Lead Appraiser includes obtaining a working knowledge of  CERT-RMM as well as developing and demonstrating skills in performing appraisals.

Benefits of becoming a CERT-RMM Lead Appraiser include access to licensed materials, scripts, checklists, templates, specifications, forms, and other supporting documentation for conducting CERT-RMM appraisals, performing capability analysis, and reporting findings.

Become a CERT-RMM Lead Appraiser

Our guidance on becoming a CERT-RMM Lead Appraiser explains the entry criteria and the steps for getting your credentials and keeping them up to date.