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Performance-Driven Improvement "Measure" Workshop

This one-day facilitated workshop provides hands-on coaching in the implementation of the tools and techniques from the "Measure" phase of the Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) Six Sigma business improvement methodology, as taught in the SEI Improving Process Performance Using Six Sigma course. This just-in-time workshop will help to accelerate the "Measure" phase activity of major business improvement projects for either software process improvement or specific software product improvement. It will help improvement teams identify what to measure, including data exploration, as well as how to assess the quality and integrity of the data to be used by the project team. The workshop culminates with the establishment of performance baselines for the key processes or product attributes under study by the improvement team. This workshop leverages concepts in the Goal-Driven Measurement methodology but does not substitute for the SEI Goal-Driven Measurement workshop.


  • project managers and process managers
  • software engineering process group members
  • process improvement working group members
  • software measurement team members
  • professionals who need reliable quantitative information to guide acquiring, supporting, planning, or tracking software systems
  • Six Sigma black belts, green belts, or belt candidates


Successful completion of this course will enable participants to realize the major outputs of this workshop, including

  • identification of appropriate measures, attributes, and data needed by the project team
  • quantification of measurement system error to ensure data is acceptable for use by the project team
  • documented preliminary data exploration path, including rationale for data segmentation and stratification
  • documented measurable performance baselines for all key process and product measures


  • goal-driven measures
  • preliminary data exploration, including data segmentation and stratification
  • measurement system error analysis
  • quantified performance baselines


Relevant and recommended materials will be distributed during the workshop.


Before registering for this workshop, participants must

  • be familiar with establishing a measurement infrastructure, particularly using Goal-Driven Measurement
  • have at least one team member (change agent) who has attended the SEI Improving Process Performance Using Six Sigma course
  • identify an improvement leader to complete advance preparation work with the SEI facilitator
  • have completed the "Define" phase and identified vital "x" improvement projects
  • completed team charters with clearly defined improvement goals and success criteria


This one day course meets at the following times:

8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

This course may be offered by special arrangement at customer sites. For details, please email or telephone at +1 412-268-1817.

Course Questions?

Phone: 412-268-7388
FAX: 412-268-7401

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