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SEI-Certified CERT-RMM Lead Appraiser

SEI-Certified CERT Resilience Management Model (CERT-RMM) Lead Appraisers evaluate an organization based on content and guidance from CERT-RMM process areas. They use a standards-based method designed specifically to address the unique challenges of appraising operational resilience management capabilities. A CERT-RMM Capability Appraisal is an objective benchmark of an organization that identifies its achievements. Gaps in an organization's capability appraisal can inform an organization about weaknesses in its operational resilience management program and serve as a foundation for improvement.

A CERT-RMM Lead Appraiser plans and manages the performance of the entire appraisal effort, delegates appraisal tasks to team members, and ensures adherence to CERT-RMM Capability Appraisal Method requirements. SEI-Certified CERT-RMM Lead Appraisers have a working knowledge of CERT-RMM and demonstrate skills in performing appraisals.

Only SEI-Certified CERT-RMM Lead Appraisers may conduct official appraisals for an organization. SEI-Certified CERT-RMM Lead Appraisers may conduct appraisals only on behalf of an SEI Partner. SEI-Certified CERT-RMM Lead Appraisers cannot use the materials to deliver CERT-RMM services independently or on behalf of organizations that are not licensed by the SEI.

Benefits of the CERT-RMM Lead Appraiser Certification

The CERT-RMM Development Program trains and qualifies professionals to become CERT-RMM Lead Appraisers who are experts in using the model to benchmark performance. Benefits of becoming a CERT-RMM Lead Appraiser include access to licensed materials, scripts, checklists, templates, specifications, forms, and other supporting documentation for conducting CERT-RMM appraisals, performing capability analysis, and reporting findings.

After completing the certification process, participants are entitled to refer to themselves as an SEI-Certified CERT-RMM Lead Appraiser and are listed on the SEI website as SEI-Certified Individuals as long as they are sponsored by an SEI Partner that has chosen to appear in the SEI Partner Directory.

Who Should Get This Credential?

  • security and business continuity professionals
  • enterprise and operational risk management professionals
  • process improvement professionals, particularly those looking to extend process improvement approaches into the operations phase of the lifecycle

Term and Renewal

Your CERT-RMM Lead Appraiser certification is valid for a period of five years from the certification award date. Renewal requirements are as follows:

  • Complete at least two CERT-RMM appraisals within the five-year timeframe.
  • Attend 75% of regularly scheduled SEI-hosted virtual or live CERT-RMM Lead Appraiser update meetings or teleconference calls as scheduled by the SEI.
  • Submit data/experience reports and appraisal results reports to the SEI within 30 days of having completed a CERT-RMM appraisal.
  • Complete all upgrade training, exams, or review of new materials to maintain your CERT-RMM Lead Appraiser certification as distributed or required by the SEI.

Summary of Fees

There are fees for courses and training; SEI Partner organizations pay annual support fees for certifications. Training fees are set by the SEI. For more information about fees, please contact the SEI at

How to Apply

1. Meet qualification criteria.

Before applying to become an SEI-Certified RMM Lead Appraiser, you must meet the following qualification criteria:


  • successful completion of an official offering of the Introduction to the CERT Resilience Management Model course
  • advanced degree (BS or higher) in a technical area such as information systems, software engineering, systems engineering, information security management, auditing, or equivalent degree as approved by the SEI CERT Division


  • ten years of management and/or engineering experience or seven years of management and/or engineering experience if currently holding one or more of the following certifications in good standing:
    • ISC2 (CISSP, CAP)
    • SANS Institute (GIAC, GSNA)
    • IIA (CIA)
    • Disaster Recovery Institute (CBCP, MBCP)
    • Business Continuity Institute (SBCI, MBCI)
  • experience in leading teams
  • proven facilitation and presentation skills
  • experience in coordinating projects with senior management
  • technical proficiency in using common software productivity applications such as Microsoft Office
  • ability to read, speak, and write in English
  • functional knowledge and/or experience with at least one type of assessment or validation methodology

2. Submit your application.

Complete and submit the application to become an SEI-Certified CERT-RMM Lead Appraiser to Your application must include the following:

You receive a confirmation email when submission is complete. A review board evaluates your application for acceptance into the program. If there are questions about your application, the review board will contact you for clarification.

Certification Process

1. Complete the training.

After your candidacy is approved, you must successfully complete the CERT-RMM Appraisal Boot Camp. This two-day course provides an overview of the CERT-RMM Capability Appraisal Method, which addresses the application of the assessment method for the CERT Resilience Management Model (CERT-RMM) v1.0.

2. Complete the CERT-RMM Lead Appraiser Apprenticeship Program.

Apprenticeship training is a method that combines field experience, mentorship, and classroom instruction to result in specific usable skills and knowledge for leading CERT-RMM capability appraisals. An objective of the training is to provide the community with CERT-RMM Lead Appraisers who are competent and capable of leading an appraisal, who excel at exercising independent judgment, and who subscribe to the highest standards of professional conduct.

The apprenticeship arrangement is based on a written agreement between the apprentice, the sponsor, and the SEI, acknowledging a joint commitment to the training and development process. The CERT-RMM Apprenticeship Program provides a vehicle for training and qualifying professionals to become CERT-RMM Lead Appraisers who apply expert assessment and benchmarking practices that

  • are repeatable
  • provide objective proof of the achievement of specific and generic goals and performance of specific practices in a process area
  • support internally or externally led appraisals
  • are suitable for deriving and supporting capability level ratings
  • provide high-quality results that can be substantiated

An RMM LA Apprenticeship Guide is available for reference to describe the process, procedures, and steps necessary to successfully complete the program. If at any time your performance during qualification is unsatisfactory, the SEI provides you with feedback and, if necessary, recommends steps for remediation. Should additional SEI support be required to mentor or review remedial work, that work is billed to the sponsoring SEI Partner in accordance with the licensing agreement. If the sponsoring SEI RMM LA Mentor and RMM LA Review Board approve your performance during the apprenticeship phase, your certification is granted by the SEI.

3. Receive your certification.

After successfully completing all prior steps, you receive a certification diploma. You are then listed in the SEI Partner Directory and can use the CERT-RMM materials contained in the SEI Partner Resource Center.

Contact us with questions about this certification at

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Training courses provided by the SEI are not academic courses for academic credit toward a degree. Any certificates provided are evidence of the completion of the courses and are not official academic credentials. For more information about SEI training courses, see Registration Terms and Conditions and Confidentiality of Course Records.