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Architecting a Financial System with TSP

Felix Bachmann, Jim McHale


The SEI recently worked with Bursatec to create a reliable and fast new trading system for Groupo Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, the Mexican Stock Exchange. This project combined elements of the SEI's Architecture Centric Engineering (ACE) method, which requires effective use of software architecture to guide system development, with its Team Software Process (TSP), which is a team-centric approach to developing software that enables organizations to better plan and measure their work. In this episode, Felix Bachmann and James McHale discuss their work on the project.


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Categories: Software Architecture, TSP

About the Speakers

Felix Bachmann

Felix Bachmann is a senior member of the technical in the SEI's Research, Technology, &System Solutions Program on the architecture practices and product line practices initiatives. He is the team lead for architecture-centric product line practices, and a coauthor of the Attribute-Driven Design Method. He is also a contributor to and instructor for the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) Evaluator Training, and a co-author of Documenting Software Architectures: Views and Beyond.

Jim McHale

Jim McHale is a senior member of the technical staff at the SEI. He is a co-developer of the Accelerated Improvement Method (AIM), an authorized Team Software Process (TSP) coach, and he teaches the Personal Software Process (PSP) and TSP course suite. He has also co-authored several technical reports relating TSP. Prior to joining the SEI in 1999, McHale spent more than 20 years in industry as a software engineer, system designer, project leader, and manager working on control systems for diverse applications such as steel mills, power plants, robotics, and transportation.