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Best Practices: Network Border Protection

Rachel Kartch


When it comes to network traffic, it’s important to establish a filtering process that identifies and blocks potential cyberattacks, such as worms spreading ransomware and intruders exploiting vulnerabilities, while permitting the flow of legitimate traffic. In this podcast, the latest in a series on best practices for network security, Rachel Kartch explores best practices for network border protection at the Internet router and firewall. It is important to note that these recommendations are geared toward large organizations and government agencies and would not likely be appropriate for a home network or very small business network.



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Categories: Network Situational Awareness

About the Speaker

Rachel Kartch

Rachel Kartch is a senior member of the technical staff and the Situational Awareness Analysis Team lead in the SEI’s CERT Division. Her primary focus is on using real-world operational concerns to drive the development of new analytic techniques for network defenders. Prior to joining CERT in 2010, Kartch worked as a network engineer in private industry, in both service provider and large enterprise environments.