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Anita Carleton

Anita Carleton

Director of the Software Engineering Process Management Program

Key Responsibilities

Anita Carleton is currently the Director of the Software Engineering Process Management (SEPM) Program at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), Carnegie Mellon University where she provides leadership in researching, developing, and broadly transitioning technologies and methods of best engineering, management, and measurement practices for software, systems, and service delivery.  She manages the SEI's software process and measurement initiatives, which include the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), a framework that helps organizations increase the maturity of their processes to improve long-term business performance, the Team Software Process (TSP), a software engineering method designed to yield high quality software and high performance teams, as well as the software engineering measurement and analysis initiative.  The SEPM Program models of best engineering, management, and measurement practices and organizational capability are the de-facto standard used throughout the software industry world-wide.

She has over 25 years of experience in software development, software management, software measurement, and software process improvement.  She launched the software measurement initiative at the SEI and served as the manager of the Software Process Measurement Project till 1995.  She provided technical leadership for extending Team Software Process (TSP) processes, practices, and methods to systems engineering and acquisition management environments to improve the operation and practice of DoD acquisition programs.  She has co-authored a book titled Measuring the Software Process: Statistical Process Control for Software Process Improvement published by Addison Wesley in June 1999.

Ms. Carleton is the recipient of awards from Dr. Barry Boehm when he was the Director, Defense Research & Engineering (DDR&E) for her leadership in defining a core set of measures and measurement definition frameworks that served as a basis for collecting well-understood and consistent software data throughout the DoD in support of the DoD Software Action Plan Measurement Initiative, the Department of the Air Force, and the Journal of the Quality Assurance Institute.

Professional Background

Before joining the SEI, Ms. Carleton held various technical and management positions at GTE Government Systems located in Massachusetts and The Goodyear Technical and Research Center in Ohio. At GTE, Ms. Carleton designed, developed, and tested software for the Minuteman and Peacekeeper Missile Systems. She was also instrumental in initiating a software quality measurement program. At Goodyear, Ms. Carleton was the lead systems modeling and simulation engineer responsible for conducting tire tread wear studies utilizing experimental design techniques, statistical analysis techniques, and finite element analysis.

Ms. Carleton received a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics with emphasis in Statistics and Industrial Management from Carnegie Mellon University. She is a frequently invited speaker and has given keynotes at the Systems & Software Technology Conference, Software Engineering Process Group Conference, Applications of Software Measurement Conference, and the SEI Software Engineering Symposium.  In addition, she has chaired the Software Engineering Process Group Asia-Pacific Conference and the Team Software Process Symposium, served as guest editor for Crosstalk Journal of Defense Software Engineering and The Journal of Systems of Software, served as a referee for IEEE Software and a reviewer of books for the Addison Wesley SEI Series in Software Engineering, and served on the CMMI Steering Group for defense industrial base and DoD organizations.  Carleton is a member of ACM and NDIA and a Senior Member of the IEEE Computer Society.

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