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CMMI-Related Measurement and Analysis

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) helps organizations increase the maturity of their processes to improve long-term business performance. CMMI provides the latest best practices for product and service development, maintenance, and acquisition. 

SEMA techniques help you meet the requirements for the measurement & analysis-related process areas of CMMI. SEMA researches the most effective ways to implement measurement and analysis processes, from the Measurement and Analysis Support Process Area at maturity level 2 to the high maturity techniques needed for maturity levels 4 and 5.

CMMI includes a description of measurement and analysis activities with specific practices that guide projects and organizations in aligning measurement needs and objectives with a measurement approach that will provide objective results. To find out more about the role of measurement and analysis in CMMI, consider

High Maturity Methods

More and more organizations are striving for and reaching high maturity status, yet there is still an insufficient shared understanding of which measurement and analysis related practices are appropriate for high maturity organizations. SEMA is conducting a series of high maturity workshops to allow high maturity organizations to share best practices and case studies. Proceedings of these workshops will be available as technical notes. The first report has been published: CMMI High Maturity Measurement and Analysis Workshop Report: March 2008.

More information about high maturity methods can be found on the CMMI and Six Sigma page.