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Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University

Partner Resources

SEI Partner Guide

The SEI Partner Guide is intended for organizations applying for or participating as a partner in the SEI Partner Network, and describes the benefits and terms.

SEI Partner Resource Center

The SEI Partner Resource Center (PRC) contains the licensed materials and forms Partners need.

The PRC:

  • contains intellectual property that you are authorized to use according to your license agreement and partner role
  • provides online submission forms for submitting data to the Software Engineering Institute
  • provides conference, workshop, and symposium reports, presentations, and registration forms and
  • contains the SEI Partner marketing kit for marketing your licensed services to your customers

SEI Partner Directory

The SEI Partner Directory helps potential customers find out what services you provide and check your credentials. SEI business points of contact may log in to the Partner Directory at to maintain SEI Partner information, including sponsorships of certified individuals, and list contact information to help customers get in touch with them.

Identity Guidelines

The identity guidelines show you how to uphold the Software Engineering Institute reputation with the materials you produce to support SEI Partner services.

Ethics and Compliance

The SEI Partner Network’s Ethics and Compliance office helps uphold the SEI’s standard of excellence through its work with our policies.


To learn more about the policies and standards that guide the work of Partners and of the SEI itself, see SEI Partner policies.