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Acquisition Organizations and Product Lines

Software Product Line Practice Framework GraphicIn a commercial context, outsourcing or acquiring part or all of a product line can allow an organization to focus its energy more fully on its core competencies. In addition to better workforce utilization, this approach can also result in lower costs, faster time to market, and higher quality.

In a government context, the general rule is that little in-house development takes place today. Thus, effective acquisition practices are crucial, and acquisitions based on a product line approach can offer significant benefits.

Our products and services can help both government and industry apply effective acquisition and outsourcing practices:

  • Army/DoD Software Product Line Workshops where participants can share successful commercial and government practices
  • collaborative customer support for specific business needs including launching and planning for a product line approach, developing product line acquisition strategies, and building a business case for product lines
  • a series of technical notes that provide practical acquisition guidance on product line and architecture analysis technologies

Product Lines Training and Publications

Product Line Acquisition Publications