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Improvements in systems, practices, and capable personnel to enable cyber missions

Adversary cyber maneuvers against the nation’s defense networks and systems are happening at a scale and speed that outpace human ability to respond. Current analysis, threat-awareness, and workforce development practices struggle to stay ahead of rapidly evolving threats to infrastructure, networks, and data.

We build capacity through increased use of autonomy to defend the data and networks of the Department of Defense, its mission partners, and the nation’s critical infrastructure. Additionally, we work to create, prototype, and apply learning platforms to build cyber operator and analyst capability, anytime and anywhere. Our work produces tools to automate malware analysis and innovate cyber incident handling and response. We also develop and deploy situational awareness and proactive monitoring practices, aimed at increasing the flow of actionable information about vulnerabilities.

History of Innovation at the SEI in Cybersecurity

The SEI has performed innovative research in cybersecurity for almost 30 years that has benefited government, industry, and academia. Learn more about a few of the highlights.