The SATURN technical program includes tutorials, courses, keynote addresses, experience reports, and participatory sessions. The program is designed to provide you with practical knowledge that you can apply directly to your day-to-day work.

 “Wow! Rebecca [Wirfs-Brock] provided me with 12 new ideas for my organization.”

 Michael Turner, Visteon Corporation, SATURN 2014 Attendee about
Tutorial 6: Being Agile About System Qualities

What’s New for SATURN 2015

Watch the videos to hear SATURN 2015 Conference Co-Technical Chairs Michael Keeling and George Fairbanks describe what’s new and different about SATURN this year:

Introduction to SATURN 2015

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Program Committee

General Chair

Bill Pollak, Software Engineering Institute

Technical Co-Chairs

George Fairbanks, Google
Michael Keeling, IBM

Social Media Chair

Shane McGraw, Software Engineering Institute



Stephany Bellomo, Software Engineering Institute
Amine Chigani, GE Software
Ian Gorton, Software Engineering Institute
John Klein, Software Engineering Institute
Heiko Koziolek, ABB Corporate Research
Philippe Kruchten, University of British Columbia
Einar Landre, Statoil
Robert L. Nord, Software Engineering Institute
Ipek Ozkaya, Software Engineering Institute
Sujatha Perepa, IBM
Pradyumn Sharma, Pragati Software
Rolf Siegers, Raytheon
Anthony Tsakiris, Ford Motor Company
Raul Vejar, MetLife
Harald Wesenberg, Statoil
Heeran Youn, Samsung Electronics
Olaf Zimmermann, University of Applied Sciences, Rapperswil (HSR FHO), Switzerland