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The surest way for a utility to gain an accurate assessment of progress toward smart grid implementation is through using the five-step SEI SGMM Navigation process.


The steps in the SGMM Navigation process

SEI SGMM Navigation Process

SEI-Certified SGMM Navigators are industry experts who have been trained to guide utilities through the SGMM Navigation five-step process.

  1. Preparation. Participants attend an introductory meeting, which includes instructions for completing the questionnaire in step 2.
  2. Survey workshop. Stakeholders from across the utility complete the Compass Assessment Survey as a team.
  3. Analysis. An SGMM Navigator analyzes the Compass data against the Smart Grid Maturity Model (SGMM) and community data and prepares findings.
  4. Aspirations workshop. The SGMM Navigator presents analysis and findings to stakeholders, who agree on strategic smart grid aspirations.
  5. Wrap up. Stakeholders plan and document actions based on the aspirations

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Above: The SGMM Navigation process produces a view of the utility's current smart grid maturity against the eight domains of the SGMM. It also helps the utility set aspirational goals for its smart grid maturity over time.


Above: The SGMM Navigation process can also provide views of maturity against other utilities of similar size (in number of meters).