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SEI-Certified TSP Coach Examination

An SEI-Certified TSP Coach has the training and experience to act as the process expert for the following TSP team activities:

  • team launches and relaunches
  • day-to-day work processes, data collection, and data analysis
  • role manager duties and processes
  • weekly reporting
  • project/phase/cycle postmortems
  • interim checkpoints

This exam was developed to gauge an individual's competency to be a TSP Coach.


This exam is required for individuals who wish are candidates to become SEI-Certifed TSP Coaches.


Participants must achieve a minimum passing score of 82.59% to be considered eligible for certification.


The SEI-Certified TSP Coach exam consists of 45 multiple choice questions. For each question, a set of answer options is provided, only one of which is correct. These questions were developed to gauge an individual's competency to be a TSP Coach. The exam content is derived from a combination of the competency areas developed from the TSP Coach job analysis study and requirements from the SEI TSP Certification team.

Test specifications include questions covering the following competencies:

  • Competency Area 1: Prepare Organization for Initial TSP Usage
  • Competency Area 2: Facilitate TSP Team Launch
  • Competency Area 3: Guide Personal Process Usage
  • Competency Area 4: Guide Team Process Usage
  • Competency Area 5: Guide Management in TSP Usage
  • Competency Area 6: Support Data Analysis Usage
  • Competency Area 7: Support Organizational TSP Infrastructure


The SEI developed the TSP Coach Examination to ensure that only qualified individuals are certified as TSP Coaches. The exam is based on information found in the TSP Body of Knowledge (BOK) and the TSP Coach Job Task Analysis.

Participants may not use any reference materials during the examination.


Participants must have successfully completed the TSP Coach Mentoring program.


1.5 hours are allotted for an individual to complete the exam.

Participants are permitted two additional retakes of the exam if the first attempt is not successful at the prevailing exam fee.

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