Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University
Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University

Staff Profile

Hasan Yasar

Tehnical Manager, Cyber Engineering Solutions Group

Key Responsibilities

  • Leading and management of highly skilled Software Engineers
  • Managing multiple projects simultaneously and monitoring projects in all phases.
  • Architecting software systems and solutions, specifically for large-scale and distributed database applications
  • Leading engineering projects and system development teams throughout complete development cycle
  • Helping to define and implement team software development processes
  • Mentoring software engineers on carrier and technical development
  • Researching advanced image analysis, cloud technologies and  big data problems with providing expertise and guidance in transitioning technologies to CERT's clients

Professional Background

Senior software engineer,  software architect, and manager with 20+ years of experience in all phases of software development and information modeling process. Extensive knowledge of current software tools and techniques. Extensive hands-on experience in software development on the area of digital data incident handling, network security assessment, automated large scale malware triage/analysis, medical record management, accounting, simulation systems and document management,

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