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Stephany Bellomo

Stephany Bellomo

Senior Member of Technical Staff

Key Responsibilities

Stephany Bellomo a senior member of the technical staff at Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute (SEI).  Stephany received her Master's degree in Software Engineering in 1997 and spent several years as a software developer/technical lead for companies such as Intuit, Verisign and Lockheed Martin before joining the SEI. While at the SEI has had the privilege of working with a wide variety of government and DoD organizations such as Army, DHS, Veterans Affairs and various Intelligence Community Agencies. Current interests include research in Incremental Software Development. She also has interest in architectural implications of DevOps and Continuous Integration/Delivery. Stephany is a member of the organizing committee for the International Workshop on Release Engineering 2014 hosted by Google. She is also guest editor of IEEE Software magazine 2015 Special Issue on Release Engineering. She has been a Software Architecture Conference (SATURN) program committee member since 2010 and served as SATURN tutorial chair in 2014. Stephany also teaches courses in Service-Oriented Architecture and Software Architecture at the SEI.

Professional Background

Ms. Bellomo has over 15 years experience in the software field. Prior to joining the SEI, Prior to transitioning to SSD, has served as the Chief Engineer for Civil and Defense Agencies within the SEI's Acquisition Support Program. Ms. Bellomo spent several years as a software developer, databased administrator and technical lead for the delivery of real-time and enterprise software systems for several commercial companies such as Lockheed Martin, Intuit, and Verisign Network Solutions. Ms. Bellomo has experience programming in languages such as C, C++, Java, Corba, and Ada. She has successfully led joint cross-agency software development projects for government clients such as the Centers for Disease Control, the National Center for Counterterrorism and the Department of National Intelligence. Stephany Bellomo is a Senior Member of the Technical Staff at Carnegie Mellon's Software Engineering Institute (SEI). Ms. Bellomo received a M.S. in Software Engineering from the George Mason University. She received Software Architecture Certification from Carnegie Mellon's SEI in September 2007. She teaches SEI courses in Service-Oriented Architecture Migration of Legacy Components and Software Architecture Principles and Practices. Ms. Bellomo currently supports the Value-Driven Incremental Development team and also provides technical software support for clients such as the Army and Department of Homeland Security. Ms. Bellomo received PMP Certification from the Project Management Institute in 2005 and maintains an active certification status.

Publications (recent or significant)

  • A Study of Enabling Factors for Rapid Fielding, Combined Practices to Balance Tension between Speed and Stability, S. Bellomo, I. Ozkaya, R. Nord,(ICSE Conference 2013
  • Elaboration on an Integrated Architecture and Requirement Practice, Prototyping with Quality Attribute Focus, S. Bellomo, I. Ozkaya, R. Nord (ICSE Conference 2013, Twin Peaks Workshop
  • Boiling down Section 804: Considerations for DoD Agile Program Managers, 2012
  • Suggestions for Documenting Service-Oriented Architectures, SEI TN, 2009
  • Attributes of Effective Systems of System Configuration Management, IEEE Systems Conference, 2008
  • Challenges for Real-time, Embedded Safety Critical Systems, Army ASSIP (limited distribution)
  • Guidelines for Software Recapitalization, NRO (limited distribution)


  • MS, Computer Engineering, George Mason University
  • BA, Business, Virginia Polytechnical Institute (Virginia Tech)

Professional Memberships

  • IEEE
  • Association of thee US Army

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