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Staff Profile

David French

Senior Member of Technical Staff

Key Responsibilities

Researches and develops new methods for identifying binary similarity in malicious code, including large-scale analysis, fuzzy hashing, and data decomposition.

Professional Background

Worked for 15 years as part of the Defense Industrial Base as a software engineer and researcher, in a wide range of technical areas, including Geospatial Information Systems, imagery archival and dissemination, visualization, steganography and digital data embedding, signal processing, and most recently, malicious code analysis.

Publications (recent or significant)

  • Casey, W., Cohen, C., French, D., Hines, C., Havrilla, J., Kinder, R., Diversity Characteristics in the Zeus Family of Malware, Carnegie Mellon University, CMU/SEI-2010-SR-030, Restricted Use
  • Casey, W., Hines, C., French, D., Cohen, C., Havrilla, J. Application of Code Comparison Techniques Characterizing the Aliser Malware Family, Carnegie Mellon University, CMU/SEI-2010-SR-031, Restricted Use


SEI Cyber Threat and Vulnerability Analysis


  • BS, Computer Science, Clarkson University

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