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Ian Gorton

Senior Member of the Technical Staff - Architecture Practices

Key Responsibilities

Ian Gorton is investigating issues related to software architecture at scale. This includes designing large scale data management and analytics systems, and understanding the inherent connections and tensions between software, data and deployment architectures in cloud-based systems.

Professional Background

Since obtaining my PhD in 1988, I've worked in academia, industry (Microsoft, IBM) and Government funded R&D labs (CSIRO, PNNL, NICTA, and since 2013, the SEI). I enjoy doing research and advanced architecture work for complex problems. I am very familiar with middleware and component technologies that are used for building massive scale data intensive software systems.

I've written a book in 2006, Essential Software Architecture, published by Springer-Verlag. It sold well and has had several excellent reviews in Dr Dobbs and ACM's QUEUE Magazine. A 2nd Edition was published in 2011. I also co-edited 'Data Intensive Systems' which was published by Cambridge University Press in 2012. I've also published 34 refereed journal and 100 refereed international conference and workshop papers, with an h-index of 28.

Publications (recent or significant)

Ian Gorton: Cyber Dumpster Diving: Creating New Software Systems for Less. IEEE Software 30(1): 9-13 (2013)

Ian Gorton, Jian Yin, Bora A. Akyol, Selim Ciraci, Terence Critchlow, Yan Liu, Tara D. Gibson, Sumit Purohit, Sharma Poorva, Vlachopoulou Maria: GridOPTICS(TM) A Novel Software Framework for Integrating Power Grid Data Storage, Management and Analysis. HICSS 2013: 2167-2176

Yan Liu, Ian Gorton, Adam Wynne: Architecture-Based Adaptivity Support for Service Oriented Scientific Workflows. SOSE 2013: 309-314

Jian Yin, Sharma Poorva, Ian Gorton, Bora A. Akyol: Large-Scale Data Challenges in Future Power Grids. SOSE 2013: 324-328

Ian Gorton, Chandrika Sivaramakrishnan, Gary D. Black, Signe White, Sumit Purohit, Carina Lansing, Michael Madison, Karen Schuchardt, Yan Liu: Velo: A Knowledge-Management Framework for Modeling and Simulation. Computing in Science and Engineering 14(2): 12-23 (2012)

Ian Gorton: Essential Software Architecture (2. ed.). Springer 2011, ISBN 978-3-642-19175-6, pp. I-XVI, 1-242

Ian Gorton, Adam Wynne, Yan Liu, Jian Yin: Components in the Pipeline. IEEE Software 28(3): 34-40 (2011)

Ian Gorton, Yan Liu, Jian Yin, Anand Kulkarni, Adam Wynne: Towards Composing Data Aware Systems Biology Workflows on Cloud Platforms: A MeDICi-Based Approach. SERVICES 2011: 184-191

Muhammad Ali Babar, Ian Gorton: Software Architecture Review: The State of Practice. IEEE Computer 42(7): 26-32 (2009)

Ian Gorton, Zhenyu Huang, Yousu Chen, Benson Kalahar, Shuangshuang Jin, Daniel G. Chavarría-Miranda, Douglas J. Baxter, John Feo: A High-Performance Hybrid Computing Approach to Massive Contingency Analysis in the Power Grid. eScience 2009: 277-283

Ian Gorton, Paul Greenfield, Alexander S. Szalay, Roy Williams: Data-Intensive Computing in the 21st Century. IEEE Computer 41(4): 30-32 (2008)


  • PhD, Software Engineering, Sheffield Hallam University

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  • IEEE Computer Society

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