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Scott Hissam

Senior Member of Technical Staff

Key Responsibilities

Current responsibilities include the investigation and transition of technologies, techniques and methodologies supporting product line systems. Our project, Predictable Assembly from Certifiable Components (PACC), is currently developing various techniques to enable the building of systems from components in a manner that supports the prediction and analysis of emergent system properties.

I am pleased to announce that I have recently completed an book on open source software Perspectives on Free and Open Source Software published by MIT Press.

Also available is a book I co-wrote on Building Systems from Commercial Components published by Addison Wesley with co-authors Kurt Wallnau and Robert Seacord.

Professional Background

Mr. Hissam has 23 years of software development experience in industry, defense and research. Mr. Hissam's principal areas of expertise include component-based software engineering, distributed applications, software and systems engineering, networking protocols, and operating system internals. Prior to his current work, Mr. Hissam's research focus was on technologies, techniques and methodologies for using Commercial Off-the-Shelf Software in large system integration projects and demonstrate the ability to migrate and evolve legacy systems into a highly distributed system. 

Mr. Hissam was Lead Software Engineer with Lockheed Martin's, Global Transportation Network (GTN) World-Wide Web Interface, a project sponsored by US TRANSCOM to provide access to logistics data, in real-time, to authorized users throughout the world via the World-Wide Web. Prior, he was Chief Engineer/Program Manager, for the National Software Data and Information Repository (NSDIR), a project sponsored by the US Air Force to benchmark technologies and methodologies utilized in software-intensive projects through the collection and management of software product and process metrics data. Responsible for project management of fourteen software engineers and technical oversight of project design and development for distributed, heterogeneous access to software metrics databases. Unique aspects of this project required direct and constant contact with customer for requirements definition and rapid prototyping.

Before joining Lockheed Martin Mr. Hissam was a Senior Software Engineering for Bell Atlantic Software Systems where he developed remote power monitoring system devices via common dial-up communication switched-networks from a distributed UNIX environment. There, he also lead a team of engineers in the development of a expert system shell for the Microsoft Windows environment. Prior to Bell Atlantic, Mr. Hissam worked as a computer analyst for the Department of Defense where he maintained UNIX and XENIX kernel system code including existing device drivers and applications. Additionally, he performed extensive development of TCP/IP and UDP/IP applications, highlighted via implementation of server NFS for AT&T UNIX System V and IBM XENIX. Developed IBM 3270 terminal emulator for various networking topologies.

Publications (recent or significant)

Books and Book Chapters

Journal Papers

Conference Papers

Technical Reports

Presentations and Tutorials

  • Merson, Paulo & Hissam, Scott. "Predictability by Construction." Conference on Object Oriented Programming Systems Languages and Applications, San Diego, CA, October 2005.
  • Presenter, "Predictable Assembly from Certifiable Components", Systems & Software Technology Conference, Hissam, S.A.; Salt Lake City, Utah, April 2004.
  • Presenter, "Packaging Predictable Assembly", First International IFIP/ACM Working Conference on Component Deployment (CD 2002),Hissam, S.A., Moreno, G.A., Stafford, J.A., Wallnau, K.C., Berlin, Germany, June2002.
  • Presenter, "Building Systems from Commercial Components" (tutorial), 24th International Conference on Software Engineering, Hissam, S.A., Seacord, R.C., Lewis, Orlando, FL, May 2002.
  • Presenter, "Peering into the Black Box: It Takes a Thief" (tutorial), Proceedings of the 1999 Software Engineering Symposium, Hissam, S.A., Plakosh, D., Seacord, R.C., Pittsburgh, PA., August, 1999.
  • Presenter, "Internet Browsers: Inhibitors or Obstacles in Distributed System Design" Proceedings of the 1998 Software Engineering Symposium, Hissam, S.A., Pittsburgh, PA., September 1998.
  • Author, "Agora: Components for the Open Marketplace", Proceedings of the 1998 Software Engineering Symposium, Wallnau, K., Hissam, S., and Seacord, R., Pittsburgh, PA, September 1998.
  • Presenter, "Integration Fantasia: Half Day Tutorial on Integration Issues With Distributed Object Technology", Polze, A., Hissam, S., Plakosk, D., Seacord, R., and Wallnau,K., Proceedings of the 1997 Software Engineering Symposium, Pittsburgh, PA, September 1997.
  • Presenter, "Practical Approaches to Integrating Off-The-Shelf Components: Concepts and Demonstrations Using Distributed Object Technology", Proceedings of the 1997 Software Engineering Symposium, Hissam, S.A., Plakosh, D., Polze, A., Seacord, R.C., Wallnau, K.C., Pittsburgh, PA., August 1997.
  • Presenter, "Objective CBS Insight", Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Assessment of Software Tools, Hissam, S.A., June 1997.
  • Presenter, "Experiences with Software Metrics Collection and Analysis with Potential Applications to Verification and Validation", Proceedings of the 7th Annual Software Technology Conference, Hissam, S.A., April1995.


Predictable Assembly from Certifiable Components (PACC) Initiative


  • BS, Computer Science

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