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Staff Profile

Harry L Levinson

Senior Member of Technical Staff

Key Responsibilities

Mr. Harry Levinson is the C4 Sector Lead in the Client Technical Solutions Directorate part of the Software Solutions Division.  Levinson is responsible for managing the SEI support for various Department of Defense (DoD) programs including the Air Force's Mission Planning Directorate and the FAB-T satellite terminal development.  His mission is to help developers use ever evolving software engineering best practices in all facets of lifecycle technical support (acquisition, procurement, sustainment, replacement.  This includes architecture, requirement engineering, coding, and testing covering. He supports independent technical assessments, software architecture, software product lines and reuse activities and research.

Professional Background

Mr. Harry Levinson as a member of the Software Engineering Institute's (SEI's) Acquisition Support Program (ASP) has worked on various Air Force programs ranging from ERP and HR databases to satellite terminals. Levinson has 25 years experience delivering high-performance real-time systems in the commercial data communications industry. He has full lifecycle experience with systems, products, hardware, and software development in application areas including high speed data communications, database design and development, user interface design and implementation, and design and implementation of distributed multi-processor architectures.

Prior to joining the SEI, he held various technical and managerial positions at Computerm Corporation and Inrange Technologies including software engineering team lead, senior Software Engineer, and Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Levinson has earned the SEI's Software Architecture Professional Certificate and the ATAM (Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method) Evaluator Certificate

Publications (recent or significant)

  • CMU/SEI-2006-TN-001 Acquiring Evolving Technologies: Web Services Standards Harry L. Levinson, Liam O'Brien
  • CMU/SEI-2011-TN-007 An Acquisition Perspective on Product Evaluation Grady Campbell, Harry L. Levinson, Richard Librizzi
  • CMU/SEI-2013-TN-017 Using Software Development Tools and Practices in Acquisition Harry L. Levinson, Richard Librizzi



SSD/CTSD Client Technical Solutions / C4 Sector Lead


Professional Memberships

  • IEEE, Associate

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