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Bryce Meyer

Senior Member of Technical Staff

Key Responsibilities

Acquisition Improvement with an emphasis on Army programs.

Professional Background

Prior to joining the SEI, Bryce L. Meyer was the Managing Partner of Maptes Advanced Projects, LLC, an Internet networking consulting company, where he managed consultants to provide network architecture, operations process, network security assessment, and network systems integration and design. His prior professional experience also includes work at Level3 Communications/WilTel Communications in networking engineering, network technologies, and network software and consulting in software configuration management to Anheuser-Busch Inc. through Comsys. Bryce Meyer was also an active duty U.S. Air Force officer managing SEEK EAGLE Office technology insertion programs, lead software engineer for various C4I development test efforts in the 46th Test Squadron, and Assistant Professor at the Virginia Military Institute. He is DoD APDP Certified in Program Management, Development Engineering, Test and Evaluation, and Communications-Computers, and USAF certified as an Academic Instructor.

Publications (recent or significant)


ASP Army Team


  • MS, Biology, University of Missouri - St Louis
  • MS, Software Engineering, University of West Florida
  • BS, Aerospace Engineering, University of Missouri - Rolla

Professional Memberships

  • AUSA
  • IEEE
  • AIAA

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