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Andy Moore

Andy Moore

Lead Researcher Insider Threat Center

Key Responsibilities

I explore ways to improve the security and resilience of enterprise systems through insider threat analysis, threat/defense modeling and simulation, and system/software assurance engineering.

Professional Background

Mr Moore currently serves as Lead Researcher of the Insider Threat Center at the CERT Program of SEI. Before joining the SEI in 2000, he worked for the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) investigating high-assurance system development methods for the Navy. He has over twenty-five years' experience developing and applying mission-critical system analysis methods and tools, leading to the transfer of critical technology to industry, homeland security, and the military. While at the NRL, Mr. Moore served as member of the U.S. Defense Science and Technology review (Information Technology TARA) panel on Information Assurance; the International Technical Cooperation Program, Joint Systems and Analysis Group on Safety-Critical Systems, (TTCP JSA-AG-4); and the Assurance Working Group of DARPA's Information Assurance Program. He has served as principal investigator on numerous projects sponsored by NSA and DARPA. He has also served on numerous system dynamics modeling, computer assurance, and security conference program committees and working groups. Mr. Moore has co-authored a book,  two book chapters, and a wide variety of technical journal and conference papers. His research interests include computer and network attack modeling and analysis, IT management control analysis, survivable systems engineering, formal assurance techniques, and security risk management.

Publications (recent or significant)

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Insider Threat Center, Enterprise Threat and Vulnerability Management, CERT Program, Software Engineering Institute, Pittsburgh, PA (2004 - Present)


  • MA, Computer Science, Duke University
  • BA, Mathematics, College of Wooster


  • Graduate Certificate in System Dynamics, Worchester Polytechnic Institute

Professional Memberships

  • System Dynamics Society
  • Sigma Xi, Scientific Research Society
  • ACM Computing Society

Previous Appointments

Senior Member of the Technical Staff: Survivable Systems Engineering, CERT Coordination Center, Software Engineering Institute, Pittsburgh, PA (2000 – 2004)

Computer Scientist: Computer Security Section, Center for High Assurance Computer Systems, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C. (1987–2000)

Computer Scientist: Software Architectures and Engineering, Arlington, VA (1986–1987)

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