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Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University

Staff Profile

David Svoboda

Software Security Engineer

Key Responsibilities

David maintains the CERT secure coding standard websites for Java, C, C++, and Perl.

David also runs the Source Code Analysis Lab (SCALe), a framework for proiding source code audits based on the CERT secure coding standards.


Professional Background

 David has been the primary developer on a diverse set of software development projects at Carnegie Mellon University since 1991, ranging from hierarchical chip modeling and social organization simulation to automated machine translation (AMT). His KANTOO AMT software, developed in 1996, is still in production use at Caterpillar. He has over 13 years of Java development experience, starting with Java 2, and his Java projects include Tomcat servlets and Eclipse plug-ins. He has taught Secure Coding in C and C++ all over the world, to various groups in the military, government, and banking industries.


Publications (recent or significant)

CERT Oracle Secure Coding Standard for Java, The 



Java Coding Guidelines: 75 Recommendations for Reliable and Secure Programs



Professional Memberships

  • ISO/ IEC /JTC1/SC22/WG21 - The C++ Standards Committee
  • ISO/IECJTC1/SC22/WG14 - C

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